Digital art

Goblin for a game project called Wizlin, being created for an assignment. Using a pixel art style, with simple animations ranging from four to eight frames.

This is a slime that was used to show some possible animations with pixel art, it includes a movement; jump; idle; attack and wave animation.

This is a background pixel art, which features a city skyline all layered for use within a game. The layers consist of a background, two mid-ground, a player level and foreground.

A voxel-based lantern, with glowing elements for the internal flame and transparent blocks for glass.

A sticker design, featuring tentacles and three dog heads, referencing to both Cthulhu and Cerberus.

The original sketch and then digital rendition of a possible game title, Slime Knight. A slime which finds a knight helmet and pretends to be a knight, within a dungeon.